Best Estate Planning Attorney in Woodland Hills

Whether you realize it or not, you already have an estate.  It is made up of all of your possessions, including a home if you own one, your car, valuables, stocks and bonds, and all of your other assets.  Unfortunately, not everyone takes the right steps to protect these assets and how they should be disposed of in the event of their death.  It makes no sense to spend a lifetime building wealth and assets and then not taking care of them for the benefit of the ones you love when you pass away.  That’s why, for many years, we’ve been providing safe and effective estate planning services for our clients.  We’re considered among the best estate planning law firms in the greater Los Angeles area due to our attentive and well thought out approach to protecting our clients and their long-term financial safety needs.


Affordable estate planning attorney

Our services fit the individual needs of our clients and our fees make it easy to protect family assets.  We don’t compromise quality; we work within a reasonable budget to develop a sensible approach to creating a variety of financial instruments including wills and living trusts, durable power of attorney, advanced directives and other related instruments that ensure a smooth estate planning and transfer process from start to finish.  Our goal is to create an estate plan that allows heirs the best possible way to pay the least amount of taxes, legal fees and other related expenses, allowing them to retain as much of an estate as possible.



Durable power of attorney

Aside from preparing a will or a living trust, one of the most important documents we can create for our clients is a durable power of attorney.  This allows a person to keep a power of attorney in place in case they become ill or are injured, giving another person the right to handle their affairs after a doctor certifies that they are not mentally capable of handling things on their own.  Many times, illness or incapacity precedes death, and a durable power of attorney allows a trusted relative, business partner or attorney the ability to manage a person’s affairs.  This is different from a general power of attorney that is usually part of an estate plan and gives an individual or an organization broad powers to act on a person’s behalf after their death.  In addition to a durable power of attorney, we can also prepare a more specific health care power of attorney that limits another person’s ability to only make medical decisions for a person if they become incapacitated due to mental or physical issues.


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