Woodland Hills Probate Attorney

Dealing with grief when a loved one passes away is always a difficult process and can take months, if not years, to get over.  Unfortunately, when someone passes away, legal matters are part of what you must deal with as well.  In many cases, the heirs of a deceased person will have to go through a probate process to make sure that the assets of the estate of the deceased person are allocated according to their wishes.  Even with a will and/or a trust in place, probate can be complicated and that’s why it’s important to consider retaining our office to assist you and protect your interests.  We are skilled probate attorneys who can handle the transactional and administrative functions related to probate as well as assisting clients in litigating issues when an executor appears to be doing a poor job, or the division of assets is less than appropriate.


Experienced Probate Attorney

We have handled numerous probate cases, and that means we can put our experience to work for you, effectively dealing with a wide range of issues, and taking on sensitive matters with a steady and guiding hand.  Our main focus is to protect your interests, but we take pride in knowing that we are able to treat all parties in a probate situation with dignity and respect.  We do not make it a goal to take an emotional and strenuous situation and make it even worse with unreasonable expectations.  Because we are in court on a frequent and regular basis, we are able to use our familiarity with probate judges and the courtroom staff, as well as our extensive knowledge of probate law, to help our clients successfully navigate through the probate process as efficiently as possible.



Affordable Probate Attorney

If you are looking to receive an inheritance from a loved one’s estate, the last thing you want to do is watch those proceeds dissipate amidst a flurry of legal fees.  Our offices can minimize the legal fees you’ll have to pay as you go through the probate process by working quickly and diligently to resolve your estate issues.  It’s important to remember that although you may be a bit reluctant to spend any money on probate attorney legal fees, in the end, you could be costing yourself thousands of dollars if you make a mistake.  You could also create unneeded issues that can delay the approval of the probate plan and perhaps delay any kind of disbursement by months or even possibly years.  We make every attempt to provide a great value for our clients so that they can put estate issues behind them and settle all parts of the probate process with a reasonable expectation of being treated fairly, both through quality service and reasonable fees.


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