Property Division Attorney

California is a community property state, meaning that most assets that are acquired during the course of a marriage should be equally split between the spouses who are going through a divorce.  But sometimes, it makes sense to give one spouse a greater interest in one asset and counterbalancing it with a lesser interest in another marital asset.  Finding an appropriate value can be a tricky process, and when emotions run high, couples can run into situations that can turn an amicable separation into a fierce battle over what may be minor sticking points.  Our goal is to protect our clients’ interests while finding an amicable way to divide these assets so that they are preserved in such a way that both parties can be happy with the results.  In cases where property division becomes a heated exchange between the two parties, we have resources to ensure that the party we represent receives what they are entitled to.

Skilled Divorce Attorney

Divorce is an emotional roller coaster and you may not always be thinking clearly when it comes to a multitude of decisions you’ll need to make as you move through the process.  That’s why you’ll need an experienced and steady hand by your side to protect your interests.  For many years, we’ve represented clients from all walks of life who are going through a divorce.  We’re well versed in all aspects of California family law matters, from property division to alimony and child support, custody issues and all other related matters.  Our office can skillfully negotiate many points you will need to settle with your spouse, but we are also prepared to argue matters in the courts on behalf of our clients to make sure their interests are fully protected.  We are able to take the emotional component out of the most difficult battles and give our clients the freedom to continue to try and move forward with their lives the best way possible.

Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

If you’re getting married алd already have significant savings or assets, you might consider а prenuptial agreement as а way to protect your interests in the event things don’t work out. While some people may bе bothered bу the whole idea of а prenup, the fact if the matter is, a document like this саn bring clarity to а couple’s finances and actually avoid а bitter and ugly divorce down ttie road if it comes to pass. Our office has prepared numerous prenuptial agreements that, by law, must fall under the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act. Under the law, there are certain things that а prenup саn and cannot do, in addition to failing under the guidance of general contract laws. This means that а person must have the mental capacity to understand they are signing а consensual legal document and that they have not entered into the agreement as а result of fraud, inаpprорriаte influence or by mistake.

Experienced Divorce Attorney

When you don’t enter into a marriage with a prenuptial agreement, and you accumulate a significant degree of wealth prior to a divorce, you can be facing a difficult task of equitably dividing marital assets.  We know that you’ve worked hard to create financial security for yourself, but in cases where a high degree of assets is at risk, you can feel like much of what you have earned is at risk.  Rather than panic, it’s best to consult with us to help you get through this challenging time in your life.  Our skilled and experienced attorneys can shield you from the emotional impact and pain that are sure to be a part of your situation.  We can assist you with placing proper valuations by tapping into our network of experts who can determine the true value of real estate, jewelry, stocks and bonds, fine art, vehicles and many other tangible assets, so you have a clear understanding of what both you and your spouse may be entitled to.  Doing so can minimize disputes and make a divorce less stressful, allowing you to move forward with your life as soon as possible.

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