We have over 40 years of experience in the areas of Family Law. Take a look at some of our client testimonials below. We hope that you will choose to utilize our services, just as these happy clients did.

Chris Mahan is an amazing attorney. I have sent many, many friends and colleagues to him after he helped me with my divorce years ago. I was so happy with the time and energy that he put into my case, and I know he does the same for all of his clients. I completely felt like he was on my side, and he always told me what to expect and what the law is, not just what I wanted to hear. I am very thankful to Chris for all he did for me and my family. For the amount of time and research he put into my case, I would have paid much more than the rate he charged. Worth every penny!!”  Mary M., Beverly Hills, CA

“From ALL the attorneys we saw, Chris was the only one who really listen to our concerns and the only one who took his time giving us detailed answers.
Working with him was amazing. He made everything easy and clear for us.
One more thing, the man is honest and truthful.
We highly recommend him!!”
 Nomi H., Los Angeles, CA

Chris Mahan is the most ethical, knowledgeable, experienced and professional attorney I have ever encountered. He made me feel like I was the utmost priority and he was always available to me whenever I needed him. I couldn’t be more pleased with lthe experience I had with Chris.”   M. H. Simi Valley, CA

“I needed an attorney to go back to court to modify my spousal support.   I retained Chris Mahan.   He proved to be more knowledgeable about the facts and the law than my former spouse’s attorney and after a court hearing, I received a termination of my spousal support.  For all the work done, his fees were more than reasonable, and I would recommend him to anyone.”  Richard T., Sherman Oaks, CA