San Fernando Valley Divorce Attorney

Even under the best of circumstances, divorce is a tough process to go through.  From the time you first consider the possibility, to actual separation to a final dissolution of your marriage, you’ll experience all kinds of emotions and will have to make dozens of difficult decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life.  Needless to say, divorce will take a toll on you every time.  Fortunately, you do not need to go through a divorce alone.  You do not need to make decisions in a vacuum.  You do not need to ride an emotional rollercoaster all on your own.  When you retain our services, we’ll immediately go to work to protect your interests and help you make the best possible decisions by removing the emotional component that may be coloring your judgment.  We have helped clients of all ages and financial circumstances to sort through prickly issues such as child custody, alimony, a division of assets, and in some cases helped to protect spouses from violence or legal issues as they try to move forward with a new reality in their lives.   You’re sure to have many questions about divorce.  When you work with us, you’ll get the answers you need to make the best of a challenging chapter in your life.

Affordable Divorce Attorney

California is a community property state, meaning that with few exceptions, assets obtained during a marriage should be split equally.  This can simplify the process when two people divorce, but there are some interpretations and negotiations that can take place depending on an individual’s unique situation.  When needed, we can step in and help mediate between the two parties, developing a plan that is fair and equitable that will be approved by the courts as part of a final dissolution.  Realizing that a preservation of assets is perhaps the biggest key in a divorce process, we take pride in helping our clients meet this goal through a fee structure that is reasonable and affordable.  We are sensitive to the fact that the last thing divorcing couples want to do is run up hefty legal bills, so we always try to find a way to bring a resolution to negotiations and all parts of a divorce by removing stress from the process, and not by adding to it with large legal bills for our services.  If you’re concerned about legal fees, contact us to discuss costs and let us show you what to expect as you move forward.

Quick Divorce

If you’re in the midst of a divorce, every day may seem like an eternity as you ride wave after wave of emotions.  While a divorce can’t happen overnight, we can expedite the process as much as possible, freeing you mentally, emotionally and physically to get on with your new life.  To accomplish this, we remain attentive to our clients, answering questions, filing paperwork, conducting meetings and handling negotiations as quickly as time will allow.  While we want to meet your desires for a quick divorce, we will never move so quickly that it will put you or your bargaining position at a disadvantage with your spouse.  We’ll always communicate the best possible strategies for your situation, and by listening to you, we’ll be able to produce what is needed for a quick divorce and apply it in the best possible way to bring things to a timely conclusion.

Fast Divorce

Because there are certain processes every divorce must go through in California; a fast divorce is a relative term.  You can expect that a divorce will take a minimum of eight months to a year to be finalized under the best conditions.  This means both parties are fairly agreeable throughout the divorce, and issues such as a division of assets, child custody (if a part of the equation), alimony and other sensitive issues can be either worked out in advance by the two parties or quickly decided upon in a no-contest divorce.  This generally happens when there are few assets involved or couples agree to an equal 50/50 split for all of their assets.  While we appreciate that a divorce will spur the desire for a fast resolution, our first goal is always to protect the interests of our clients, even if that means slowing down the process.  We always try to find a way to balance those interests when the desire for speed is an issue, but to do our job the right way; we need to make sure that a fast divorce is also a well thought out divorce, too.

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